Shell Some Peas

When was the last time you shelled peas? I had not thought about shelling peas in a long time until my daughter asked me recently, “Mommy, do you remember how my cousins and I used to have to shell peas at Granny’s house?” she asked with a reminiscent smile on her face. I remembered indeed.

Throughout my childhood, I had to shell peas. I hated to shell purple hull peas. They are long and skinny and leave you with purple fingers. Butter beans were much easier to shell and, definitely, my preference. You could fill up a pot quicker.

Shelling peas is almost a lost art like quilting. Shelling peas forced you to slow down. You could have a conversation while you shelled peas. We had a big oak tree in our front yard. We would sit under that oak tree, wave at the people going by, and gossip. You could talk and laugh while you shelled peas. Now that’s multi-tasking at its best. Where can we do that now?

I say we need to bring back the shelling of peas. The dietary benefits are obvious. To steal a line from Subway, “EAT FRESH.” More importantly, instead of paying money for a massage, or worse, therapy, call a friend over and shell peas. Relax and gossip over a bowl of peas. You will feel better and live longer.

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