Spirits of the Cloth: A Review

If you couldn’t make it to the National Black Arts Festival, browsing through Spirits of the Cloth by Carolyn Mazloomi is the next best thing. The quilts contained in the book will absolutely amaze you. The collection, which is comprised of quilts made by African American quilters from across the country, is eclectic and diverse. I like that about the book because every quilter I know sees the world differently. It was revealing to have the quilters explain what they were thinking when they made the quilt.

I especially like the title of the book because I too believe that my quilts have spirits. I leave a little of me inside each quilt I make. Often I use quilts to express my inner most thoughts and emotions. Grief, love, happiness, disappointment and inspiration are all stitched up in my quilts.

So if you need something to kick-start your creativity, open Spirits of the Cloth and be inspired.

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