Happy Birthday, Mom!

Today is my Mom’s birthday. Although she died in 2000, in my heart she is 78 years old today. I miss her.

Although this site started out as a tribute to my grandmother, there would be no grandmother without a Mom. Have I made a quilt to honor my Mom? Of course! It’s called Evora’s Earth. I call it my personal masterpiece. It took me 18 months to finish and got me through my grief.

Evora’s Earth hangs in my office so that I can touch it everyday. When things get tough, I touch it. When I’m happy, I touch it. Whatever the need, my Mom’s spirit comes through that quilt and saves me.

At heart, I’m a country girl. Evora’s Earth never lets me forget it. I grew up in a place where everyone knew everyone else by name. I grew up in a place where if you messed up, everyone knew it , but forgave you. I grew up in a place where if you did good, everyone knew it, and were proud of you. I’m glad I’m a country girl.

So no matter what quilting style I may adapt for the moment. Evora’s Earth always takes me back to my roots. Good strong roots planted by my Mom.

Happy Birthday, Mom, with much love!

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