Book a Trip From Savannah on the Underground Railroad

Recently I spent five lovely days in Savannah, Georgia. Savannah is a coastal city that is often described as having lots of old world charm. It has gorgeous majestic oak trees and antebellum mansions. It is a city proud of its role in the Civil War and it celebrates it unabashedly. There are civil war forts that have been restored, civil war re-enactments, and lots of monuments of fallen generals.

Being African American, I could not help but wonder about the dark side of the idyllic life that was being portrayed. I believe that every creature on earth yearns to live a free life. Any suggestion that blacks were happy living on plantations because they had nice masters, in my view, is totally absurd. That is why I know for a fact that the Underground Railroad was a living breathing thing. I also know that when people are most stressed, they wrap themselves in the familiar and the things that bring them comfort. That is why I know quilts played a large part in the Underground Railroad.

So now I am inspired to finally make my version of an Underground Railroad quilt. I have taken the first step and purchased Eleanor Burns’ book Underground Railroad Sampler.

For further inspiration I visited two quilt shops in Savannah. Colonial Quilts, located at 11710 Largo Drive and Let’s Sew located at 361 Commercial Drive. Be sure to pay them a visit when you are in Savannah.

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