Brown Sugar Stitchers Make Quilts For Hurricane Katrina Victims

Members of the Brown Sugar Stitchers Quilt Guild gathered October 2, 2005 to make quilts for a family victimized by Hurricane Katrina. In assembly line type fashion, the members made eight quilt tops in one afternoon. The quilts included African coin quilts, Tessallation Stars, Rail Fence, Orphan Blocks, Crazy Nine Patch, Square-in-a-Square, Scrappy Blocks and Paneled (for a baby).

Members Bessie Barnett, Cathy Johnson and Maxine Moore took the initiative and got the ladies organized. The owner of Quilting Essentials quilt shop in Stone Mountain, Georgia graciously donated the use of her classroom for the quilters to gather to make the quilts.

Other members of Brown Sugar Stitchers who participated were Roz Newell, Laura Sorton, O.V. Brantley, Marva Swanson, Anita Crosby, Thea Crosby, Maudry Orphy, Nina Moore, Sonia Mack, Patricia Landry and Jocelyn Carter.

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