Take a Moment To Be Thankful

On television, in newspapers, in chat groups, around the water cooler, everyone is talking about their favorite recipe for turkey, collard greens and sweet potato pie. We are consumed with planning the perfect Thanksgiving meal.

Since I am not a cook (too many other people are better at it than I am), I have plenty of time to focus on the true meaning of Thanksgiving. This year, I combined my love of quilting with my personal giving of thanks. In so doing I think I have hit upon a new tradition that will become part of my life, and I want to share it with you.

I created a post card that has a picture of a quilt I made in 2002. The quilt is a leaf quilt with the words “Life is Good. Be Thankful” embroidered on it. I printed a post card for each member of my staff and wrote each a personal note that described a special quality he/she has for which I am most thankful. I also gave each of them a blank post card and asked them to send it to someone and tell them why they are thankful to have that person a part of their life. I never imagined the effect that such a small gesture would have.

Observing the effect on my staff, I moved on to send the cards to my neighbors, to my family and to my close friends. Each time I mailed a post card I felt like I was sending blessings and goodness into the universe. I don’t know you personally, but I didn’t want to leave you out. Life is Good is posted above. Your post card says, “I am thankful that you love quilts and that you are reading my web site.”

Happy Thanksgiving!

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