Reflect on the Reason for the Season

I love Christmas.

I love the shiny lights. I love the parties. I love the beautifully wrapped gifts. I love that it brings families and friends together. I love shopping. I love eating too much. I love Christmas songs. I love decorating the tree. I love stuffing stockings. I love hanging the wreaths. I love making Christmas quilts. I love the way Christmas smells – cookies, evergreen and cinnamon. I love waking up at dawn to open Christmas gifts. I love remembering how special my mother made Christmas. I love wearing clothes that sparkle. I love sneaking gifts into the house. I love having my quilting friends over for brunch. I love knowing my birthday is only a week away and the celebration continues. I love driving around and looking at the decorated houses. I love the mall at Christmas. I love going to the mail box and getting cards from old friends.

In the midst of your Christmas traditions, take a moment to reflect on why we have these wonderful traditions. God gave the greatest gift of all — his son.

Happy Birthday, Jesus!

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