Brown Sugar Stitchers Celebrate Gees Bend Quilts June 3

The very famous quilts of Gees Bend are on display at the High Museum in Atlanta, Georgia. The exhibit opened March 23, 2006 and will close June 18, 2006. Visit for additional information.

As all quilters know by now, the Gees Bend quilts were made over several generations by women who lived in Gees Bend, Alabama. Although virtually isolated from the rest of the world, the women found a way to be creative while being practical. When visiting the exhibit, I recommend highly that you view the quilts in conjunction with the audio tour. The audio tour helps to place the quilts in the context of their lives.

Even without the audio tour, the quilts may be enjoyed for their bold design and vibrant colors. You can take the quilts home with you in the form of post cards, note cards and, of course, a book or two. No quilter should miss this exhibit.

June 3, 2006 will offer an added treat to the renowned exhibit. The Brown Sugar Stitchers, the premier African American Quilt Guild in Atlanta will be on hand to demonstrate quilt-making techniques and show off some modern day quilts.

See you there!

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