Great Quilt Documentation Software

Dealing with my grandmother’s quilts has caused me to become particularly interested in quilt documentation. Unfortunately, Clara’s quilts do not have labels or any accompanying information – just my memories. I often wonder what she was thinking when she made her quilts and where did she get her inspiration.

Knowing how curious I am about my grandmother’s quilting past, I am very conscientious about documenting my quilts. I never make a quilt without including a label. At a minimum, future generations will know who made it, where it was made and when it was made.

At one time I could remember each of my quilts. They were like my children. However, now that I have made over 100 quilts over the last seven years, it is getting harder and harder to remember every detail of every quilt. Senior moments add to the confusion.

Recently, I ran across some software that solves my problem. It is called MY ART COLLECTION. This software has a convenient place to store all pertinent information about your quilt collection, and it is super user friendly. Just open it up and get started.

I particularly like the fact that there is a place for several pictures to be included with the record of each quilt. There is a place for the usual factual data such as name, size, description, etc. More importantly, there is a place for your notes. Here you can record any information you want future generations to know.

There is a space to record appraisal information, sales and purchase information so that you always know what your collection is worth. The software also prints out various reports. Best of all, it is only $50.00! Go to and order your copy today. It’s a lot easier to enter the information as your collection grows, rather than having to go back and enter information for over 100 quilts.

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