Brown Sugar Stitchers Bring Cheer to the Gateway Homeless Center

By Anita

Once again the ladies of the Brown Sugar Stitchers Quilt Guild have risen to the occasion. I delivered 13 cheerful quilts made by members of the Brown Sugar Stitchrs Quilt Guild to the Gateway Homeless Center in Atlanta, December 22, 2006. All the quilts were quite beautiful, and I am sure that they will be much loved by the children. Shown here is my personal contribution called Let’s Play.

Ms. Lindsey Myers was the staff person who met me to receive the quilts. She was very impressed. She started exclaming about their beauty and cheerfulness as they were being taken out of my truck. Ah, and she was mostly looking at the back of the quilts. You can imagine her reaction when we got them into the conference room, and I opened them up to the front. I explained to her that we try hard not to have our quilt gifts look like charity quilts.

There are approximately 13 children in their program who will receive the quilts. The quilts were presented on Christmas Eve when they give the toys to the children.

We have certainly passed the blessings of the talent, energy and love of the Brown Sugar Stitchers on to the homeless children of the Gateway Center. May you and yours have a safe and happy holiday season. May the new year bring peace, prosperity, joy, and bountiful quilting.

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