Juanita Yeager Quilt-Fiber-Art Design Symposium 2007 Scheduled for July

Famed fiber artist Juanita Yeager has announced the dates for her 2007 Quilt-Fiber-Art Design Symposium . The Symposium will consist of four sessions July 5 – July 20, 2007. All classes will be held in Durham, North Carolina.

The multi-day symposium is designed for all who are interested in the art and craft of quilt making. The symposium is open to all, beginners to the more advanced, who want to improve their abilities in every aspect of the process of quilt making; from the initial idea for a quilt to the last stitch.

The symposium is a combination of lectures, demonstrations and hands on practice sessions. In this format a variety of techniques useful for making contemporary traditional quilts and art-quilts will be taught with ample time allowed for hands on experimentation by all participants.

This year’s symposium will be divided into four sessions. Each session allows for four different experiences. You may attend all four sessions or elect to attend the one(s) best suited to your goals and time. Session III and IV are project specific classes to meet the needs of those quilt makers who want to improve their craftsmanship but are not ready or do not desire to do original work.

Visit the artist’s web site at http://www.juanitayeagerartquilts.homestead.com

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