Big Boodee Trudee

Big Boodee Trudee by Myla Chapman

Big Boodee Trudee by Myla Chapman

I am proud to introduce you to Big Boodee Trudee, who was featured in the August 31, 2008, edition of the Start Your Week With a Quilt newsletter. This gorgeous quilt gets its name from the diva in the middle of the quilt, of course, and she was created by Myla Chapman

Big Boodee Trudee was Myla’s answer to a guild challenge to use Michael Miller’s “Lava Lamp Soul Sisters” fabric. Remember, the whole point of a challenge is to find the most difficult fabric imaginable, and then see how creative the quilter can be.

 Myla says,  “The fabric just seemed to call for a circular quilt.  I used the color wheel to choose the fabrics used for the flowers and circles and designed them based on the flowery type curves in the fabric.  I used a pencil compass with a ruler to make the master and smaller circles patterns and appliqued them on by machine using metallic thread and a satin stitch.  I also appliqued the flowers and circles by machine, but with rayon thread and a zig-zag stitch.  I sewed on beads because the quilt still seemed to need something.”  

Myla Chapman

Myla Chapman

But where does this quilt get its name, you ask? The name Big Boodee Trudee came from the office desk nameplate of the black female cop character on the 1980’s television show Miami Vice.   

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