Village Values

Village Values by Aleathia CHisolm

Village Values by Aleathia CHisolm

Sometimes simple is best. Every quilt is not intended to be worthy of the Smithsonian Museum, and every beautiful quilt is not complicated. Sometimes it is best to let the fabric do the talking. Such is the case with Village Values  created by Aleathia Chisolm. It was featured in the October 5, 2008 edition of the Start Your Week With a Quilt newsletter.

Aleathia Chisolm
Aleathia Chisolm

Village Values is composed of lush, authentic strips of African fabrics. It is the interplay of the fabrics that makes this quilt stunning. The African fabrics are offset by a black border that speaks to you. Aleathia has embroidered the words “culture, purpose, unity, and community” in the borders.


Village Values, which measures 51 x 81 inches, is offered for sale at the Fabric Art Exhibit which began today at the Grounds Coffeehouse, Sky Loft Condos, 898 Oak Street, Atlanta, GA. The sales price is $475.00, and the exhibit continues through November 8, 2008. 

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