Be The Change

Be the Change by Elisa Woods

Be the Change by Elisa Woods

Like many other Americans, quilters have been influenced and inspired by the historic candidacy of Barack Obama. The  quilt  shown here was featured in the November 2, 2008 edition of the Start Your Week With a Quilt newsletter. It was created by Elisa Woods and is the first quilt in a series called Be the Change – The Obama Quilt Series.

Elisa Woods

Elisa Woods

“As an artist, I created a piece, though simple, visually represents Barrack Obama as a leader who can inspire people to effect change,” says Elisa.

Be the Change  is the first in a series of quilts using various Obama images along with a quote that evokes pause. Gandhi’s quote, “be the change you wish to see in the world” is written using green and red fabric paint. Elisa says she emphasized the phrase “change the world” because she believes it is up to us.

This 32 x 39 inch quilt is part of the Grounds Coffeehouse Exhibit and is offered for sale for $250.00. For information about Elisa’s quilts, contact her at

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