White and Silver Santa With Dove

White and Silver Santa With Dove by Patricia Landry

White and Silver Santa With Dove by Patricia Landry

I have seen many Santas in my lifetime, but none as well dressed as this one. This handsome gentleman was created by Patricia Landry, and he was featured in the Start Your Week with a Quilt newsletter December 14, 2008.  

I think Santa must wear this outfit after he returns from his travels. Surely, he would not go down a chimney dressed in such finery.

Patricia Landry

Patricia Landry

Santa’s head dress is resplendent and includes everything we hold dear about the season — snowmen, gifts, ornaments and fruit. His brocade coat is both warm and beautiful with silver sparkles and magnificent fur.

Santa stands 24 inches tall atop a snow covered stand. He is carrying an unusual holiday bouquet complete with silver “foliage” and a dove.

If you like a Santa with flair, here’s your guy! He sells for $400.00. If interested, email  ovbrant@gmail.com.

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