Christmas Gifts

Janice Daniel

Janice Daniel

A lovely Christmas sampler  was featured in the December, 21, 2008 edition of the Start Your Week With a Quilt newsletter. It was created by Janice Daniel. She named it Christmas Gifts.

Traditional quilt lovers will recognize many of the blocks such as a sawtooth star, a house and a fan. There are 20 different blocks in this quilt. Each block is made of Christmas fabrics and accented by green sashing.

It’s hard to look at this quilt and not think of home and Christmas’s past. Love just oozes from this quilt. I hope you have a similar quilt in your home that is just perfect for snuggling.

But guess what? Janice was the lucky winner in the Brown Sugar Stitchers quilt raffle! (Remember that beautiful red and green quilt I showed you a few weeks ago)? Now she has another quilt to add to her Christmas collection. I am trying hard not to hate!

Christmas Gifts by Janice Daniel

Christmas Gifts by Janice Daniel

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  1. Nice blog on Christmas gifts. Enjoyed going through it. Keep it up the good work. Cheers 🙂

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