Out of Africa III, Charmed I’m Sure

Out of Africa III-Charmed I'm Sure by Jeanette Walton

Out of Africa III-Charmed I'm Sure by Jeanette Walton

Jeanette Walton

Jeanette Walton

Continuing our celebration of Black History month,  a beautiful quilt created by Jeanette Walton as the featured quilt of the week in the February 15, 2009 edition of the Start Your Week With a Quilt newsletter.  It is called  Out of Africa III, Charmed I’m Sure.

When asked about the quilt, Jeanette explains it this way:  This quilt is the third in a series using African print and African inspired fabrics.  I had made previous quilts for two of my dearest friends, one for my roommate in college, Pam, and one for my sister-by-affection, Regina, and I wanted to make one for myself to complete the circle.  To relieve the terminal boredom of making exactly the same quilt a third time, I decided to make it a charm quilt. 

A charm quilt is made with no two patches cut from the same fabric.  Folklore has it that sometimes the quilter would deliberately use the same fabric twice, and it was a form of entertainment to try to find the fabrics that were the same.  There is a repeat fabric in Out of Africa III – Charmed I’m Sure, but it wasn’t by design!”  

 I did not ask Jeanette how long it took to collect the fabrics for this quilt, but I am sure all the quilters reading this will view this quilt with “stash envy.” Don’t hate.

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