Yes We Can!

Yes We Can!, by Elisa Woods, 2009.

Yes We Can!, by Elisa Woods, 2009.

This week the world paused to recognize the remarkable honor bestowed on President Barack Obama.  As the world knows by now, he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. So the featured quilt in the October 11, 2009, Start Your Week With a Quilt newsletter  was an “Obama quilt” called Yes We Can! by Elisa Woods.
President Obama has inspired and moved many people around the world to take action. Quilters are no exception. 

Elisa Woods

Elisa Woods

Elisa says she was very inspired by the election and subsequent inauguration of President Obama. In fact, she attended the inauguration with her brother Marvell Collins who passed away shortly thereafter. With President Obama and her brother forever linked in her heart, Elisa has created a series of “Obama quilts” that are for sale.
Visit to see other quilts in the series and to purchase if you wish.

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