African American Quilters in New Book

A new book entitled 500 Art Quilts is scheduled for release in March, 2010. It is published by Lark Books. 

Several African American quilters will be featured in the book. One of them is Renee Allen of Atlanta, GA. Her quilt call Hallelujah!  is shown below. You will definitely want to add this book to your quilt library.

If you have a quilt in the book, drop a comment so that we can all make a special effort to look for it. Thanks!

Hallelujah by Renee Allen

Hallelujah! by Renee Allen

3 Responses

  1. This is a beautiful quilt. This invokes the spirit inside of me that lies within all of us. Great job!!!!

  2. Amazing Detail……amazing

  3. Awesome article as usual, thank you for posting all this informative content on a regular basis.

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