Choose Your Batting Wisely

Warm and natural battingGone are the days when quilters used whatever was on hand to stuff inside their quilts. The type of batting used can greatly affect the quilting process as well as the finished look of your quilt.

Many quilters are purists and will only use 100 per cent cotton batting in their quilts. However, there are battings that are 80 per cent cotton and 20 per cent polyester that machine quilters say is a perfect combination.

Hand quilters are concerned about being able to push the need through easily. Wool batting is often at the top of the list for hand quilters. Many say the neddle slides through the quilt  like a knife through melted butter.

Now organic battings have entered the market, and those who are environmentally conscious will only quilt with organic batting.

After choosing a batting type, the decisions do not end there. You must also consider the loft. Do you want a very thin batting which is often used for wallhangings or do you want a puffy look?

Hobbs heirloom battingThe wise thing to do is to experiment. You may find that you will use different types of batting depending on the quilt you are working on.

What is your favorite batting?

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