Will You Help Us With Our 2010 Quilting Goals?

Clara's Big Red Squares by Clara Ford, circa 1960.

The Clara Ford Foundation is dedicated to preserving and celebrating African American quilting. Our goal this year is to celebrate each and every quilt made by an African American that is in a quilt show or exhibit,  and to celebrate every African American quilt that is sold.

We all want to be valued, and African American quilts are no exception. Our quilts have great value!  What I see at my guild meeting is at least as beautiful as what I see at national shows, but for some reason, those bold and beautiful quilts don’t make it into the shows. We, as African Americans, seem to think our quilts are not worthy.

Our success at the Clara Ford Foundation depends on you. If you have a quilt in a show, let us know. If you sell a quilt, let us know. We will do our part by publishing as many Call For Entries as we can find, and by continuing to showcase as many of your beautiful quilts as we can. You can also look forward to another day of quilt appraising at Hammonds House Museum and a continuation of the Clara Ford Quilt Lecture series.

Happy New Year!

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