Quilters Wanted For African Symbols Book

Quilt by Myrah Brown Green

Quilt Artist Myrah Brown Green is  completing a book entitled The Presence of African Symbols in North American Quilts. Before finishing the project, she is interviewing quiltmakers who use African symbolism in their quilts.

According to Myrah, “the symbols can be anything from masks, fabrics and cowrie shells to narrative African panels, piecing techniques etc., all indigenous to Africa. Your use of the African symbols can come from a personal connection to them; no matter what your lineage. Your interest in the African symbol may also be strictly because you like the way that they look.”

If interested in participating, please email  Myrah at mquilt56@aol.com,  and she will email you the interview questions. The  answers are due back to her  by February 12th. Meanwhile, take a look at her web site.

2 Responses

  1. African American quilter interested in African art and artifacts; traveled to Ghana West,Africa to teach and work with master indigneous artist creating textiles using African symbols.

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