Sisters and Friendship

Sisters and Friendship, aka Liberated Shaded Nine-Patch, by Jeanette Walton

The featured quilt of the week continued the celebration of Black History Month in the February 21, 2010 edition of the Start Your Week With a Quilt newsletter. The quilt is called Sisters and Friendship, aka Liberated Shaded Nine-Patch, and it was created by Jeanette Walton.
This quilt originated as a block swap among a group of  African American Quilters on the Internet. In a block  swap, a group of quilters get together, agree on a color, or theme or pattern. Then each quilter makes a block for each person in the group. The blocks are exchanged, and the end result is that each quilter has a quilt with blocks in it that were made by other people.

Jeanette Walton

Jeanette says that at the time of this swap, none of the quilters knew each other. Since that time she has met all of the quilters who participated in the swap, and they remain in touch. The women who participated in the swap were Jo Syphax and Sylvia Davis of California, Autumn Latimore of Wisconsin, and Jessica Vaughn of Denver.
As for the quilt itself, it is a stunning example of what a diverse melting pot of quilters can produce. Would you have guessed that five people who had never met produced this quilt? Maybe you should get out and meet somebody.

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