Store Your Quilts Properly

If you own one of your grandmother’s quilts,  you should treat it like a priceless treasure. Storing it properly is a must if you want it to last for the next generation to enjoy.

When it comes to quilts, sunlight is evil! So the most important rule is to keep your quilt away from  sunlight.

Experts also recommend that you fold your quilt with archival tissue paper between the folds. Place it in a cotton pillowcase, and then place the pillowcase in an archival box. Re-fold your quilt at least one a year to avoid creases.

Storing your quilt properly will ensure that it lasts for many decades.

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  1. Hello O.V.(Hicks)Brantley, It is good to see that you have done well. This is a wonderful website. Even greater is the tribute to your Grandmother, Mrs. Clara Ford. In many areas quilting has become a lost art. Take care and God bless you and your surroundings. Roy Langstaff

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