A Sunflower in My Garden

A Sunflower in My Garden, by Marva Swanson

The featured quilt in the April 4, 2010 edition of the Start Your Week With a Quilt newsletter  is called A Sunflower in My Garden, and it was created by Marva Swanson. This quilt was made using a machine applique technique made popular by renowned quilter Sharon Schamber. The technique requires that you work from the back of the quilt, glue all the pieces together and then stitch the seams on a machine. Marva hired Regina Carter to professionally machine quilt the piece, and then embellished her quilt with crystals.

Marva Swanson

Marva says A Sunflower in My Garden was even more fun to make because it was created in a class of quilting friends with friend Maxine Moore as the teacher. “It was very interesting to see how differently the quilts turned out even though they were made from the same pattern,” she said.
If your garden is not in full bloom yet, this quilt will remind you to look forward to the beautiful blooms that will arrive in just a few weeks.

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