Mae’s Garden

Mae's Garden by Elisa Woods

The featured quilt of the weekn in the April 18, 2010 edition of the Start Your Week With a Quilt newsletter is called Mae’s Garden, and it was created by Elisa Woods. Sometimes we doubt that something beautiful can be made from the simplest of things. Mae’s Garden is proof that often simple is best.

Elisa Woods

Mae’s Garden is made up entirely of nine patch blocks, one of the simplest of all quilt blocks and one of the first blocks learned by beginner quilters. The pattern for the quilt is called blooming nine-patch, and by adding a clever layout to beautiful fabrics, a striking work of art is born.
Elisa made this quilt for her Aunt Mae. According to Elisa, her Aunt Mae makes the best homemade ice cream in the world. We haven’t met Aunt Mae, but we know she has to be special to deserve such a beautiful quilt.

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