Am I Crazy?

Am I Crazy? by Thea Crosby

The featured quilt of the week in the May 16, 2010 edition of the Start Your Week With a Quilt newsletter  is called Am I Crazy? and it was created by Thea Crosby. 


Thea Crosby

Am I Crazy? is a beautiful example of a special genre of quilts called crazy quilts. To make a crazy quilt, the quilter chooses any and all types of fabrics — cottons, velvets, satins, prints solids, etc.– and pieces them together in a random pattern. Nothing is planned or the same in a crazy quilt — even the stitches are varied, noticeable and become part of the beauty of the quilt. In other words, the quilt is one big, beautiful  improvisation.
When you look at a crazy quilt, you cannot help but wonder what was going on in the quilter’s life to produce such a quilt. I’ll have to ask Thea when I see her, but I assure you, she is not crazy.
But once again, it is proven that out of chaos comes beauty.

2 Responses

  1. Your crazy quilt is beautiful. I also started a crazy quilt and still working on it. I sometimes get crazy because I forget where I still have to embroder some stitches. Then I go to adding more squares to make it bigger. Well it is a life long project for me. I am a new quilter and sometimes:0)don’t know what I am doing. Will keep your site in my favorites. Bye. Amelia (Melly).

    • Hello,
      Am I Crazy? was done by Thea Crosby. She sent the following reply to you.

      Thank you so much for the compliment. I started that quilt to keep me occupied while on a 14 hour plane flight to Dubai. That quilt started out much bigger but alas I had to take some of the blocks apart because it was driving me crazy. I was determine to finish but it took me a year because i had never embroidered or sewn by hand before I started “Am I Crazy”. I wish you luck on your quilt and happy quilting.


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