Down By the Sea Shore

Down By the Sea Shore by Rhonda Barrow

The featured quilt of the week in the May 23, 2010 edition of the Start Your Week With a Quilt newsletter is called Down By the Sea Shore,  and it was created by Rhonda Barrow.
Rhonda has created a beautiful beachscape quilt with her careful choice of fabrics and embellishments. The use of embellishments such as yarn, sequins and shells give the quilt a realistic quality. measures 24 x 48 inches. It was featured at the Southwest Arts Center, 915 New Hope Road, Atlanta as part of the Sewjourners Quilt Guild exhibit through May 31, 2010.  
 I know this quilt makes you want to pack up and head to the beach. Go ahead,. What’s keeping you?  

Rhonda Barrow

Down by the Sea Shore

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