Journey Home

Journey Home by Marva Swanson

The featured quilt of the week in the October 3, 2010 edition of the Start Your Week With A Quilt newsletter  is called Journey Home, and it was created by Marva Swanson.

This  quilt was featured in the 2010 Atlanta Quilt Festival held recently at the South Fulton Arts Center in College Park, GA. It was offered for sale for three hundred dollars ($300.00). 

Marva Swanson

To create Journey Home, Marva used applique techniques to create the beautiful lady on a purple background. Her dress is embellished with royal blue crystals, seed beads and gold braid. Marva also machine quilted the piece.

We don’t know what this lady did all day, but whatever it was, Marva believes that it all led to that most  wonderful part of the day when we are headed home.  With each step, you leave the stress farther and farther behind even though you carry a heavy load.  The journey is almost over, and the joy of home is just a few steps away.


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