Christmas Cheater

Christmas Cheater by Laura Sorton

The featured quilt of the week in the December 5, 2010 edition of the  Start Your Week With a Quilt newsletter  is technically called Merry Christmas, but I have secretly named it Christmas Cheater. It was created by Laura Sorton. 

Laura Sorton

Laura calls this quilt a cheater quilt because it was made from a preprinted panel. These type of quilts are usually not up to Laura’s standards, but when I told her I needed a Christmas quilt from all of my friends to hang in a senior center, she had no choice. (Laura made a quilt that has a pieced back that has over 2000 pieces, so you get my drift).

Personally, to me the quilt is no less beautiful because it started with a pre-printed panel. Most people would not know unless you told them anyway. So even though you know the secret of this quilt, I hope it helps to get you in a happy holiday spirit. And for you quilters out there who wanted to give someone special a quilt but thought you did not have the time, here’s your answer. Cheater quilts are loved as much as blue ribbon quilts!

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  1. […] love kicking off the holiday season with Laura Sorton’s quilt called Merry Christmas. Laura calls it a cheater quilt because the center of the quilt is a […]

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