Plan Your 2011 Quilt Calendar

Have you taken a moment to plan your 2011 Quilt Calendar? Whether you plan to exhibit your work or whether you plan to travel to see the work of others, now is the time to get organized. Most of the large quilt exhibit organizations have published their 2011 calendar.  Some sites you may want to visit are listed below.  

There is nothing more inspirational than a quilt exhibit. In addition to the sites listed below, be sure to keep your eye on your local newspaper for smaller quilt shows in your area. Go ahead and mark your calendar now for the 2011 Atlanta Quilt Festival© which will be held July 31, – August 13, 2011 at the South Fulton Arts Center, 4645 Butner Road, College Park, GA.


International Quilt Festivals –

Mancuso Show Management –

National Quilting Association –

American Quilters Society –

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