Once in a Blue Moon

Once in a Blue Moon by Aisha Lumumba

I wanted to close out Back History Month with a bang, and when I want a “wow” quilt, I can always count on Aisha Lumumba. Her quilt Once in a Blue Moon is the featured quilt of the week in the February 27, 2011 edition of the  Start Your Week With a Quilt newsletter.

Aisha Lumumba

Aisha creates a striking woman of incredible beauty who obviously has adorned herself with her finest apparel. Aisha creates that effect by piecing a patchwork of many different fabrics to create her dress. A blue moon illuminates her, and by placing her on a gold background, it is as if she has stepped from darkness into light.
Since Aisha has chosen to name her quilt Once in a Blue Moon, I conclude that this lady does not dress up very often. However, she has decided on this day she will become her authentic, beautiful self.
To see more of Aisha’s striking quilts, visit her newly launched web site at www.obaquilts.com.

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