Friendship Quilts Make Great Heirlooms

My Purple Cure, by O.V. Brantley, 2002

A friendship quilt is a generic term for a quilt made up of blocks exchanged between friends. Sometimes a particular fabric is chosen, and each quilter makes a block that includes that fabric. Sometimes a particular block is chosen, and each quilter makes that block from the fabric of her choice. These quilts take many forms, but what they all have in common is that they become priceless heirlooms.

O.V. Brantley

Shown here is one of my earliest friendship quilts called My Purple Cure.  Each quilter used the purple breast cancer awareness fabric in her block. This 2002 quilt, which hangs in my home, becomes more special as the years go by, as I remember the friends who participated in the block exchange and the circumstances that brought us together.

The 2011 Atlanta Quilt Festival exhibit held at the South Fulton Arts Center, featured four friendship quilts that turned out to be the stars of the show. The block exchange was organized by Rosalind Newell. Each quilter shared information about herself, and each quilter made two blocks for each of the other quilters in the group.

In case you missed them at The Festival, each quilt will be featured on this site.

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