O.V. Brantley, CEO

O.V. Brantley

O.V. Brantley

Soon after beginning to quilt, I inherited eight of my grandmother’s quilts. My grandmother Clara Ford was born December 12, 1892 and died May 20, 1966. She lived and quilted in Crossett, Arkansas. My mother was one of her six children.

I started quilting as a way to balance the stress of a high profile job as the Fulton County Attorney. Along the way, I found my bliss. I love the notion of putting together pieces that may be ugly standing alone, but become gloriously beautiful when made a part of the whole. I love sharing my bliss by giving my quilts to others.

I am a founding member of the Brown Sugar Stitchers Quilt Guild in Atlanta. The members are predominantly African American, and their unique view of color and style is a source of constant inspiration for me.

I founded the Clara Ford Foundation to honor my grandmother’s quilts and  her memory. The foundation seeks to preserve  her quilts and the  quilting tradition.

I invite you to follow the activities of the foundation by visiting this site often, and to follow my personal quilting journey at www.ovbrantley.com.

2 Responses

  1. You have re-inspired me. I too use quilting as a de-stressing tool (as well as meditation) when I leave my engineering job. It is my bliss. Everything I read about you, I so get. Congratulations on your retirement. This means more time to quilt.

    May peace be with you.

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