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  1. Hi O.V.

    Great website! located your website after researching various quilt websites this great morning; getting back in the swing of quilting and also documenting a long lost relative’s history of quilt making who resides in Kilmichael, MS; part of my family history research.

    Hope all is well!

  2. WOW-just happened on your website,love it.I have that cancer awareness fabric and wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it.What a beautiful/inspirational piece.My thoughts/prayers to all. I belong to Hartford MBC Wednesday Night Quilting Sisters and Great Lakes Africian American Quilter’s Network(GLAAQN) both in Detroit,Mi. Have a great quilting day-be Blessed.

  3. I got it- looking forward to each week-Thank you

  4. Dear Ms.Brantley

    Today is June 30,2010 and I just found you via a google alert on Faith Ringgold. Your website is fabalous and so chock full of information relevant to African American quiltmakers. Thank you. Its going to take me some time to thoroughly browse through it all, but I’m sure I will enjoy every minute of my visit.

    I recently started my own blog at I invite you to visit us. We will be reporting on the history,genealogy and of course, quiltmaking legacies that have evolved from Freestone county, Texas. So far I only have four posts about my familys’ six generations of African American quilt makers who are a part of the Edward “Ned” Titus family. Ned was a slave who was brought to Freestone county in 1852 by the Simeon and Nancy Lake Family from South Carolina.

    I will be posting at least monthly and the new information will feature individual quiltmakers and quilts which were made in Freestone county or have a historical connection to our county. All cultures that have created quilts in this area will be featured and there are some wonderful ones out there.

    I hope you and many others will visit us often. We’d love to have the company.

    Please add me to your mailing list/s.

    Happy Quilting!!!

    Sherry Ann Byrd

  5. exciting news about the show and in the AJC this am
    keep me on your list.. I want to be a part of it

  6. I like what you’re doing. I am a quilt/sewing enthusiast. I’m a beginner, just brought a sewing machine and learning how to use it. In the past, I would sew by hand. It’s time take things a step further. Please add me to your distribution lists. I’d like to take as many classes as possible, research, learn, and develop my skills, support our communities, mentor our youth, and ultimately become an entrepreneur.

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