Get Ready to Celebrate the New Year

Christmas in July by Marva Swanson

Now that the excitement of Christmas is behind us, it is time to get ready to bring in the new year. Marva Swanson’s quilt called Christmas in July in just the thing to get us in a celebratory mood. Although the picture does not do it justice, there are thousands of red crystals making the holly on this quilt sparkle.

Marva Swanson

Make your plans now to bury the old and dull and welcome the new and sparkling things that make you glow like Marva’s quilt.

Christmas in July

Christmas in July by Marva Swanson

The featured quilt of the week in the December 26, 2010 edition of the Start Your Week With a Quilt newsletter is called Christmas in July.  It was created by Marva Swanson.

Marva Swanson

Unfortunately, this is another quilt where the picture does not do it justice. This quilt, made of Christmas holly, has thousands of red crystals that make the holly come alive. Since we will ring in a new year in a few days, this quilt will add lots of sparkly fireworks to your celebration.
Embellishments such as crystals are another step on the quilting journey. I am sure your grandmother never put crystals in her quilt, but modern quilters continue to embrace the quilt as art.
To see  Christmas in July  in person, visit the H.J.C. Bowden Senior Multi-Purpose Facility in East Point, Georgia. It is part of the Clara Ford Foundation Christmas Tour of Quilts.

Like a Little Bling in Your Christmas Quilt?

Christmas in July, by Marva Swanson, 2008.

Crystals have been all the rage for the last few years in the quilting world. It is no surprise that they would end up in Christmas quilts.

Christmas in July, created by Marva Swanson, will appeal to all of those who like a little bling in their quilts.  The picture does not do justice to this quilt because there are  hundreds of red crystals adorn this quilt. It is quite striking when you see it in person.

This quilt is currently part of the Clara Ford Foundation Christmas Tour of Quilts at the Helene S. Mills Senior Mult-Purpose Center, 515 John Wesley Dobbs  Drive, Atlanta.

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