2011 Brown Sugar Stitchers President’s Quilt

Brown Sugar Stitchers' President's Quilt presented to Ann Smith, President, 2010-2011.

The Brown Sugar Stitchers Quilt Guild has a ten-year tradition of presenting its outgoing president with a quilt. The presentation is usually made at the guild’s annual tea. This year’s outgoing president Ann Smith, who absolutely loves crazy quilts,  received the crazy quilt shown above to commemorate her service. Members of the guild contributed blocks and charms for the quilt.

Ann shared her quilt at the 2011 Atlanta Quilt Festival exhibit which was held at the South Fulton Arts Center August 1 -13, 2011. All who saw the quilt were amazed at the intricate workmanship in the quilt.

Am I Crazy?

Am I Crazy? by Thea Crosby

The featured quilt of the week in the May 16, 2010 edition of the Start Your Week With a Quilt newsletter  is called Am I Crazy? and it was created by Thea Crosby. 


Thea Crosby

Am I Crazy? is a beautiful example of a special genre of quilts called crazy quilts. To make a crazy quilt, the quilter chooses any and all types of fabrics — cottons, velvets, satins, prints solids, etc.– and pieces them together in a random pattern. Nothing is planned or the same in a crazy quilt — even the stitches are varied, noticeable and become part of the beauty of the quilt. In other words, the quilt is one big, beautiful  improvisation.
When you look at a crazy quilt, you cannot help but wonder what was going on in the quilter’s life to produce such a quilt. I’ll have to ask Thea when I see her, but I assure you, she is not crazy.
But once again, it is proven that out of chaos comes beauty.

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