Thread Heaven

Heaven means different things to different people, but for quilters, there is one product on the market that can mean the difference between cursing and smiling. It is called Thread Heaven. It is a very small product that can make a big difference in a quilter’s life.

Knots and tangles in thread when you are quilting by hand are frustrating. To decrease these problems, condition your thread by running it across Thread Heaven  three times.  Almost like magic, Thread Heaven will minimize tangles and knots and make you smile. Look for it in your favorite craft store.

We hope you find today’s edition of Continuing Quilting Education© (CQE) useful. Feel free to share it with your quilting friends.

How Do You Mark Your Quilting Lines?

One of the best household tools for marking the quilting lines on your quilt is masking tape. If you are quilting a quilt in a cross hatch pattern or a diagonal pattern, masking tape can save you lots of time.

Instead of using a pencil or chalk, simply attach the tape to the quilt where you want your stitching line to be. Once that line is done, rip it off and mark the next line.

Masking tape is very economical and it leaves little residue. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about whether marking lines will wash  out.

How do you mark your quilts?

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