Underground Railroad

Underground Railroad, by Charlotte Lindsey. Photo by India Brantley.

We kick off Black History Month with a quilt that is simply called Underground Railroad. It was featured in the January 31, 2010 edition of the Start Your Week With a Quilt newsletter, and it was created by Charlotte Lindsey.
 Many people believe that quilts were used to guide slaves to freedom on the Underground Railroad. A book called Hidden in Plain View by Jacqueline Tobin attempts to document that history.
The blocks in this quilt are from a book by Eleanor Burns who based these blocks on ideas from Tobin’s book. Quilters call these blocks the Underground Railroad blocks.

Charlotte Lindsey

Charlotte challenged herself by making each block in this quilt only six inches square! The entire quilt measures 30 x 44 inches when the sashing and the border is included.
This quilt was part of the 2009 Brown Sugar Stitchers Quilt Show. It is part of Charlotte’s permanent collection of heirloom quilts.


Adorned by Elaine Parker, 2009. Photo by India Brantley

The featured quilt in the January 3, 2010 edition of the Start Your Week With a Quilt  is called Adorned,  and it was created by Elaine Parker.
Elaine is known for her exquisite bead work, and this quilt is no exception.  The piece which measures 12 x 12 inches starts with an appliqued lady on an orange background. It was quilted and then adorned with hundreds of beads. The beads are all sewn by hand.

Elaine Parker

Clearly this is a lady who is comfortable with who she is. She is not shy about expresses her individuality and feels no qualms about standing out in a crowd.
She also appears to be deep in thought. I wonder what such a regal woman thinks about.

Christmas Joy

Christmas Joy, by Elisa Woods, 2009. Photo by India Brantley.

 Christmas Joy was the featured quilt of the week in the December 13, 2009 edition of the Start Your Week With a Quilt newsletter. It was created by Elisa Woods. This quilt reminds us of  the appropriate Christmas spirit by combining Christmas trees with Bible verses.
The quilt consists of four Christmas tree blocks on white or cream backgrounds accented by red sashing. Each tree is made unique  by the choice of different fabrics and embellishments.

Elisa Woods

Quotes from the Book of Psalms are  pieced into the quilt. The quotes draw you in and force you to examine the quilt closer.
Besides being a pretty quilt, I am sure this quilt brings great comfort to those who have lost loved ones during the year. It is a beautiful reminder to find joy in the midst of sorrow.

Dancing Poinsettias

Dancing Poinsettias, 45 x 45 inches by Rosalind Newell, 2008. Photo by India Brantley

You should have your home decorated for the holidays by now, but if not, here’s a quilt to get you started. It is called Dancing Poinsettias and was created by Rosalind Newell.

Rosalind Newell

Rosalind appliquéd the poinsettias by hand using the needle turn method. The machine quilting was done by Janna Bigelow. It is currently on display at the Bowden Senior Multi-Purpose Center as part of the Clara Ford Foundation Christmas Tour of Quilts. The Bowden Center is located at  2885 Church Street, East Point, GA.

Now run out and buy some poinsettias.



Blazin' by Cathy Johnson, 2009. Photo by India Brantley.

When describing the month of October, Anne Mary Lawler wrote:
“The fields are harvested and bare,
And Winter whistles through the square.
October dresses in flame and gold
Like a woman afraid of growing old.”
In keeping with such a poetic description of October, the October 4, 2009 featured quilt  in the Start Your Week With a Quilt©  newsletter was Blazin’. It was created by Cathy Johnson.

Cathy Johnson

Cathy Johnson

This 38 x 55 inch bargello quilt was made from a  pattern called ribbons in motion in a class taught by Jeanette Walton. Cathy pieced the quilt, and Maxine Moore machine quilted it.

The key to a successful bargello quilt is the fabric choices. Here, Cathy’s choice of vibrant oranges and lush greens on a brown background make this a beautiful October quilt.
Blazin’ is currently on loan to the H.J.C. Bowden Senior Multi-Purpose Facility, located at 2885 Church Street, East Point, GA.

Get a Life!

Get a Life, by Vickie Clark, 2009. Photo by India Brantley.

Get a Life! was the featured quilt in the September 6, 2009 edition of the Start Your Week With a Quilt© newsletter. It was created by Vickie Clark. This quilt was recently featured in the Brown Sugar Stitchers Quilt Show where it was voted “Best of Show” by the viewers.

Get a Life! is a kaleidoscope quilt. A kaleidoscope quilt results in a unique symmetrical design. They have been made popular by quilter Paula Nadelstern, who has turned them into an art form.

Vickie Clark

However, it is not the quilting that stopped people in their tracks. It is the exquisite beading that Vickie added to the quilt after it was quilted. This quilt has over 10,000 beads in the border alone!


Vickie says it took her four years to finish this 58 x 72 inch quilt. If you haven’t guessed already, that’s where the quilt gets its name!

Gumbo Ladies 2


Gumbo Lades 2 by Aisha Lumumba, 2009. Photo by India Brantley.

Gumbo Ladies 2 was featured in the August16, 2009 of the Start Your Week With a Quilt newsletter. It was created by Aisha Lumumba.

This quilt depicts two ladies making gumbo. It is appliquéd and pieced with hand painted fabric and altered fabrics. It is embellished with beads and hand quilted by Aisha.

Gumbo Ladies 2, which measures 45 x 65 inches, took second place in the “hanging quilts” category at the Brown Sugar Stitchers Quilt Show. The vibrant colors and the way it captures the scene makes it a real show stopper.
Aisha Lumumba

Aisha Lumumba

One visitor at the quilt show was heard to say, “That is me in that quilt.”
Gumbo Ladies 2 sells for $6000.00. Contact Aisha at alumumba@cs.com  if interested in purchasing it.
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