Jars of Plenty

Jars of Plenty by Vanessa Brown


The featured quilt of the week in the September 26, 2010 edition of the Start Your week With a Quilt newsletter  is called Jars of Plenty, and it was created by Vanessa Brown. This  small wallhanging needs no explanation. We are all familiar with canning — taking the excess from the harvest and putting it away for a rainy day. Like quilting, canning is no longer a lost art. It is enjoying a renaissance.  

Vanessa Brown

Obviously, Vanessa picked her fruits and vegetables when they were at their absolute peak. The colors are vibrant in a way that only nature can capture.
These jars are patiently waiting on a shelf until the day they are needed. Before they arrived on that shelf, they were seeds, sprouts, flowers, fruit on the vine, harvested and finally canned. After enduring all of that, these Jars of Plenty are beautiful and ready.

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