Happy President’s Day!

Dream the Impossible Dream by Latifah Shakir

It seems no matter what the celebration, quilters capture it in quilts. Latifah Shakir captured her admiration for President Barack Obama in her quilt called Dream the Impossible Dream. Her quilt is heavily embellished with buttons, shells, beads, ribbons and re-cycled materials.

Latifah Shakir

Latiifah made her quilt during President Obama’s election campaign. She says she, “experienced excitement, frustration, highs and lows during the election of 2008; however, it was worth it. The making of this quilt will live with me forever.”

Dream the Impossible Dream is included in the book Journey of Hope by Carolyn Mazloomi. Pick up a copy to read more about this remarkable quilt.

Our President Honored With Quilts

Quilters like most Americans were very moved by the candidacy of President Barack Obama. Dr. Carolyn Mazloomi captured many of the quilts that honor the president in her book called Journey of Hope–Quilts Inspired by President Barack Obama.

It is available on amazon.com and should be a part of every quilter’s library.

Mazloomi Obama Quilt Book Due in April

Carolyn Mazloomi

Carolyn Mazloomi’s new book Journey of Hope: Quilts Inspired by President Barack Obama is due out in April, 2010. You can pre-order it on Amazon  for $16.49.

This is sure to be a book every quilter and non-quilter will want in her library.

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