Life’s Journey

Life's Journey by Yvonne Bernal

The  featured quilt of the week in the June 6, 2010 edition of the Start Your Week With a Quilt newsletter  is called Life’s Journey, and it was created by Yvonne Bernal. Life’s Journey is a great example of a genre of quilts called journal quilts.
Journal quilts are very small art  quilts usually no bigger than a sheet of paper. Quilters began using this quilt form to try new techniques or ideas

Yvonne Bernal

without a large investment in time or supplies. Also, we know that keeping a journal is therapeutic, and making a journal quilt is no different.These quilts often chronicle what the quilter is feeling at the time. It may be joy, frustration, tragedy, inspiration, a memorable event, etc. 
Only Yvonne knows what was on her mind the day she created Life’s Journey, but we all can agree that she created an amazing piece of art.

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