Dream the Impossible Dream

Dream the Impossible Dream by Latifah Shakir

In honor of President’s Day, the featured quilt of the week in the September 20, 2011 edition of the Start Your Week With a Quilt newsletter  is called Dream the Impossible Dream. It was created by Latifah Shakir to commemorate the candidacy and presidency of President Barack Obama.  
Although Latifah has dabbled in  other creative endeavors, Dream the Impossible Dream was her first quilt. Like so many others –quilters and non-quilters– Latifah was very moved by the candidacy of President Barack Obama and felt she just had to make this quilt. 

Latifah Shakir

To create her 64 x 60 inch abstract composition, Latifah used red, white and blue recycled materials and added lots of embellishments. She says the decorative threads and yarn represent the many roads President Obama traveled, and the buttons represent the crowds of people who came to see him.
Latifah says, “I experienced excitement, frustration, highs and lows during the election of 2008; however, it was worth it. The making of this quilt will live with me forever.”

Our President Honored With Quilts

Quilters like most Americans were very moved by the candidacy of President Barack Obama. Dr. Carolyn Mazloomi captured many of the quilts that honor the president in her book called Journey of Hope–Quilts Inspired by President Barack Obama.

It is available on amazon.com and should be a part of every quilter’s library.

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