Brown Sugar Stitchers Exhibit at Norcross Arts Center

Desert Queen, by Anita Crosby, 2009. Photo by India Brantley.

Desert Queen, by Anita Crosby, 2009. Photo by India Brantley.

An exhibit featuring the quilts of the Brown Sugar Stitchers quilt guild is underway at the Norcross Arts Center, 17 College Street in downtown Norcross, Georgia. The exhibit, which features over 60 quilts, continues through August 31, 2013.

It’s Super Bowl Week!

Football by Thea Crosby

It’s that time of year when the entire universe stops everything to watch a football game. It’s Super Bowl week, and the hype is nonstop.

Thea Crosby

Quilters are part of the action too. Thea Crosby made the quilt shown above to celebrate the great sport of football.

Go teams!

Belly Dancer Wins Third Place at 2011 Atlanta Quilt Festival

Belly Dancer by Anita Crosby

Anita Crosby

Anita Crosby created the third place winner in the Best of Show balloting at  the 2011 Atlanta Quilt Festival Exhibit. It is called Belly Dancer.

Anita used raw edge appliqué and decorative stitches on a background of  hand-painted fabric to create her 16 x 20 inch eye-grabbing quilt. Anita’s daughter Thea, who was taking belly dancing lessons when the quilt was created, was the inspiration of the quilt.

Congratulations Anita, and thank you for sharing your quilt!

Quilters Love Football Too

Football by Thea Crosby

With the opening of high school and college football this weekend, quilters everywhere are taking a break from quilting to cheer for their favorite team. Many quilters have sons, grandsons, neighbors and nephews who play, so quilters are  fixtures at many games. Others are glued to the television watching their alma maters. A few may only be tuning in for the half time show.

Thea Crosby

Shown here is the ultimate football quilt. It was created by Thea Crosby. Thea was part of the marching band at her alma mater Morris Brown College in Atlanta.

Am I Crazy?

Am I Crazy? by Thea Crosby

The featured quilt of the week in the May 16, 2010 edition of the Start Your Week With a Quilt newsletter  is called Am I Crazy? and it was created by Thea Crosby. 


Thea Crosby

Am I Crazy? is a beautiful example of a special genre of quilts called crazy quilts. To make a crazy quilt, the quilter chooses any and all types of fabrics — cottons, velvets, satins, prints solids, etc.– and pieces them together in a random pattern. Nothing is planned or the same in a crazy quilt — even the stitches are varied, noticeable and become part of the beauty of the quilt. In other words, the quilt is one big, beautiful  improvisation.
When you look at a crazy quilt, you cannot help but wonder what was going on in the quilter’s life to produce such a quilt. I’ll have to ask Thea when I see her, but I assure you, she is not crazy.
But once again, it is proven that out of chaos comes beauty.

Did You Attend Your Quilt Guild Meeting this Month?

Desert Queen, by Anita Crosby, 2009. Photo by India Brantley.

Quilting can be a very solitary endeavor, or it can be a fun group activity. I always come away inspired when I attend my quilt guild meeting and I recommend strongly that all quilters join a guild. Show and tell is always fun, and just the sheer creativity in the room is worth the trip to the meeting.

Anita Crosby

This month,  at the Brown Sugar Stitchers meeting,  we were treated to a workshop by Anita Crosby. She taught us how to make photo  quilts. Everyone left inspired, and learned many new quilting tips throughout her presentation.

Find a quilt guild and become an active member. You will become a better quilter.

Shown here is Desert Queen, Anita’s fabulous photo quilt of her daughter Thea.

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