Thread Heaven

Heaven means different things to different people, but for quilters, there is one product on the market that can mean the difference between cursing and smiling. It is called Thread Heaven. It is a very small product that can make a big difference in a quilter’s life.

Knots and tangles in thread when you are quilting by hand are frustrating. To decrease these problems, condition your thread by running it across Thread Heaven  three times.  Almost like magic, Thread Heaven will minimize tangles and knots and make you smile. Look for it in your favorite craft store.

We hope you find today’s edition of Continuing Quilting Education© (CQE) useful. Feel free to share it with your quilting friends.

Threads Offer Many Choices

Early quilters had little more than needle, thread and scraps when they set about making a quilt. My, how things have changed. Take thread for instance. The choices are astounding!

Most quilters use cotton thread in a neutral color such as tan or gray for piecing, but that is only the beginning. Choices for quilting the quilt sandwich seem endless.  There are variegated threads, metallic threads, silk threads, polyester threads, cotton threads and embroidery threads. Each type comes in every color of the rainbow. You are limited only by your imagination.

What type of threads do you use?

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